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April 2017- What price to calculate price per apartment

Posted by yoni on sivan 25/04/2017
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How to calculate area (m2) apartment for sale / Kenya April 2017

In recent years, prices were / In stories from the press, Radio, Tv and real news sites – calculation according to m.

In North Tel Aviv Sold flats by calculation of 40-50 $1,000 per cubic meter . In the north eastern suburbs of Tel Aviv, and particularly in the neighborhood where I — Neot afeka b , Sales are made according 31,500 $ Ml And according to a price index of a site of April del 2017 (As it appears in the calculation in the analysis of transactions in this site) .

In recent years, like websites 2 And del began to publish data for transactions made in any street. / District .

The information they publish is taken from the tax authority documenting transactions carried out and published the data on the tax authority website, the information contained in the sites and the tax authority does not permit buyers / Sellers should know What is the real price per cubic meter.

If so what is the right price from buying or selling?

The calculation is based upon the total area of the apartment. . The space appears , Can be running – registration in the land registry , Land sold to buyer (contractor contractors sold apartments where it is stated that the apartment area 145 M2 to- 5 The actual rooms apartment space was 125 M2) , Space rates registered in the municipality, or the inventor known .

None of the areas shown in the tax authority and not the area of the apartment. .

In taboo — Usually registered areas of apartments that do not include balconies or porches Anping continued into the living room and separated by commercial / Sliding Windows / Blinds / With an emphasis on apartments logged taboo in old change 1950-1990 .

Also in the calculation The space charge rates The municipality did not enter their f .

In the Office filling out details about the reported deal sold the tax authority , Ask the seller what the law of the territory? When we build the building?

About apartment space? The seller usually doesn't know what apartment space but not pleasant him a buyer in the room during the transaction, then it is sometimes pierced in real-size space of the apartment. . (The seller sold the apartment by price and wants to justify the price of the deal.)

Today more than ever – the price per cubic meter is an important parameter affecting the price of the deal. . Why

If buyer price the apartment costs 30,000 $ Per cubic meter and runs received apartment 5 Square meters less than her actual property. 150,000 NIS for the apartment!

So how do computers apartment size to calculate the price of a deal?

Taking the apartment features balconies of the f , Including % 100The thickness of the inner walls of the apartment and- 50 % The thickness of the external walls and common to neighbouring apartments . This net space of the apartment..

Not so easy to get to the net area of the apartment.

Recently received our apartment for sale in Neot afeka b . According to the claim, the apartment was 100 SQM . According to buyers who saw enclosed scheme archive apartment in Tel Aviv's Engineering Manager, space of the apartment reaches- 85 SQM
( As shtabo said 82 SQM ) .

We hired a surveyor to measure the space and he Reached- 93 SQM . Based on this proposed from the actual transaction pricing.

Now , The website presents data on transactions in the mix of properties sold . These include garden apartments , פנטהאוזים , דירות 6 -2 Rooms . Rooftop apartments etc. .

The average price for the advertisers in these sites the sellers / Buyers .

It depends on what the price of apartment

SQM price varies according to size (net size)

Whether or not renovated apartment .

What floor .

Front or rear .

Views .

Quiet or noisy .


Clinging to? Balcony (size) , Roof, Garden , Warehouse , Parking/since .

The age of the building and the building's thazokati .

תמ"א potential 38 Or improvement .

If so – what to do – to call the real estate community and consult about the right price for the apartment you want to sell or buy – according to the Ministry's experience in similar transactions .

The writer , יוני סיון , The owner of a real estate office "gained" Alterman properties 13 Neot afeka b Tel Aviv – an experienced brokers real estate transactions since 1996 .

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