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As regards article + Conclusions about the real estate market-April 2017

Posted by yoni on sivan 25/04/2017
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As regards article 24.4.2017 – My conclusions at the end of the article..

Curator: Decrease of 9% Buying apartments in February Compared to the previous month..

This is just a low monthly deals since August. 2015; In the news it is a sharper decrease – only 1,900 Apartments sold – a decrease of 33% Compared to the same month last year.

In February of this year, a decrease of 9% In purchasing apartments compared to the month before., According to a review of the Chief Economist at the Treasury Department.. According to a review in the second month. 2017 Carried out 8,800 In first and second hand apartments, Less months stay holidays began., Including some working days, This is the amount of monthly transactions, the lowest level since August. 2015.

The Treasury indicate that the decrease was recorded also in selling apartments firsthand, But even in transactions to sell second-hand apartment, Presumably previous market segment posted him relatively tide.

In February sold only 1,900 New apartments, 16% Less than January., And 33% less than in February. 2016.

The Treasury indicate that adjusted price family deals, Has the lowest level of sales of apartments from contractors since August. 2014. In February, Real estate companies were selling less than- 1,800 דירות. According to the Treasury., The current depression in the wake of the expectation set price plan, According to the Treasury's policy., And 3,200 households have already bought an apartment within the program.

Of the report that the Center purchased only 260 New apartments, 44% Less than last year.. A prominent special operations low of investors, Since according to the Treasury's analysis only 37 In the apartments purchased by this population segment.

In general the weight of investors of all trades- New and second-hand, Standing on 16%, Low level since July. 2015.

Overall, investors in February 1,500 דירות, 15% Less than January and 30% less than February last year.. The review emphasize that reducing the activity of investors in the market news, But second hand apartments bgem. According to a review in February of this year, a decrease of 9% When purchasing secondhand apartments by investors compared to January., And reduction of 12% Compared to February last year..

The Treasury estimated that reducing the activity stems from rising prices and mortgage interest on tax-exempt third place.

2,300 Apartments sold in February by investors., 10% Less compared to January., But the growth of 10% Compared to February. 2016.

My conclusions:

Investors considering any investment. . Purchase cost , Purchase tax (starting with- 8%) , Return of a is sometimes less than- 3% NET a year after tax, maintenance expenses , Uncertainty whether prices will continue to rise or fell in the range of 2017-2018 ? Stop all the investors in the north eastern suburbs of Tel Aviv.. Investors looking for value added today to buy flats for investment apartments especially designed for industry 38 Or clear. Therefore raised prices in Neot afeka Sun in Padua , Operation temple complex (announced enclosures to clear) and which are Neot afeka b many blocks to pass תמ"א 38 In the following years.
Buyers looking to buy an apartment. , Deciding whether to buy today or wait .

In 2016 Raised banks
"Sitting on the fence" . Improvers are the driving force of market day.
Sellers who thought that rates will continue to rise without a break in 2017 Aware that in recent months has stopped! All property for sale into the market at current price, For sale months.. At the end of the process, Sellers are lowering the price of the deal to the right price then the property sold! Too bad sellers feel that many cats to sell , Wrong attitude because the initial price originally had no market price i.e.- No selling price.!! More properties in selling prices sane ... Remember that there are buyers for property at the right price!
A successful window!! He seems to, His determination , Articles in the press and on television influenced public opinion .

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