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Yisgav , Level soldier

Posted by admin on 11/11/2015
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Background on the neighborhood:

Ramat hachayal business district was originally called the level alive., Under the initials of "Jewish Brigade" warrior, Hebrew name for the Jewish Brigade which fought in Europe during World War II. The neighborhood was built by the company "mshoachrri" war housing for disabled veterans of the liberation war, Are demobilized from the IDF. It was established after the war of independence, In 1949 On the ruins of a Turkish post WWI.

In the early years of the neighborhood., Tel Aviv-yafo municipality didn't want to annex to the monocipli jurisdiction area. Ramat Gan Municipality sought to annex the level of living and therefore concern for neighborhood needs like building roads., The water supply., Garbage collection etc.. Eventually, the Interior Ministry instructed to annex Tel Aviv neighborhood.. In the neighborhood there were no basic services and toshbis had to come in the nearby neighborhoods.. At the beginning of 1952 Milk washing station opened. Later., Open Learning class in a small cottage on ק"ם, That two barracks and later built a school level of living. In 1958 opened a kindergarten across the street from the school. Allocated a special area designation was supplying food to the public and the tzrchnia the residents bought shares; This is a grocery store that caters to the residents.. Run neighborhood cinema "RAM", The bmkomo stands today at a three-storey building on Marcus in front of the supermarket.. Lido Cafe plant. Animal place people arrived outside the neighborhood mostly on Saturday nights. The cinema closed in the late ' 60s.. Next, Play falafel stand which was for many years a meeting place for residents. Before running the neighborhood youth movement the shop and later opened a branch of Scouting in the neighbourhood to this day..

Thanks to Saadia shoshani, He was head of the Department for municipal landscaping, The wonderful garden neighborhood shoshani, Nobody won after its establishment in beauty award. This expansive green area neighborhood, Public park for residents. The garden is used for gatherings in days to, Joy and memory.

The first inhabitants in the neighborhood came from countries as various committees, But excelled in good relations and mutually. Ramat hachayal business district side and part of it is yisgav, A gun built detached building. With the neighborhoods., From isolated and remote areas even viewed from a Windows high-tech buildings across the street., Apply the change, And yisgav was the first ש'נכבשה ". Meanwhile, the industrial area of Ramat hachayal business district grew into a full range of high-tech azorhii, And Kiryat Atidim turned the modest neighborhood and neighborhoods. Join today new residents to the neighborhood., The style and modest changes in construction of luxury cottages, Some are also in high-tech style. The futures and Tel Aviv and quiet countryside atmosphere characterize neighborhoods., Turned them into the most. Area neighborhoods 685 Acres.

Two neighborhoods changed them in the last decade and a half., All modest little house replaces owner and there's a House with a luxurious dimensions and these old neighborhoods rapidly become exclusive neighborhoods.

Ramat hachayal business district and yisgav both quiet neighborhoods and manicured, Rustic style. Public parks and green areas characterize the oldest neighborhoods. The dynamic atmosphere and the changes look good.

Street names in Ramat hachayal business district are telling the story of the war of liberation and illustrates the relationship of population to the establishment of Israel: Harel, Named for Palmach Harel Brigade. ק"ם Street, On there. 140 Volunteers for the British army who drowned., Forex Street, On there. 16 The members were killed near Jerusalem., 35th Street, On there. 35 Palmach fighters who were killed on their way to assist in Gush Etzion.

Street names in yisgav properties, the Irgun and Lehi internment in Africa underground during the British mandate and link residents to them: Kenya and Eritrea goalie goalie, Underground members were expelled during the British mandate to those places and were kept there in custody., The Royal martyrs Street., The scaffold etc.

The geographic location of the yisgav:

North – Deborah Street. East and South – Raoul Wallenberg Street and future industrial zone. West-Jordan patrol.

The geographic location of the yisgav being quiet neighborhoods and rural; The nearby Ayalon North and South ports, Accessibility to Tel Aviv; The soldier and the future. South – close to Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan, And in the North – an authorized node and its surroundings, Are benefits.

Commercial centers: Kiryat Atidim – new industrial area, As a result of the changes that have, It is now a popular entertainment area for many Tel Aviv residents, With a diverse selection of restaurants, Banks, Cafes, Super-Pharm, Gyms, Automakers unfurled there etc..

Public parks in Ramat hahayal and yisgav:

Gan shoshani – Marcus Street, Level soldier, This old park., Looks like a grove of tall eucalyptus trees and vegetation diversity, Children's play facilities for different ages and seating. The garden is suitable for leisure entertainment, The residents at parties., Festivities and events.

ק"ם border area gasteiger Jordan – ק"ם 24, Level soldier, This landscaped park, The facilities are suitable for different ages and weight loss.

Marcus garden-Marcus corner – teritch, Yisgav, Green and pleasant and it's facilities and a water fountain.

A garden rose ' kimchi ' – the gallows – Golan, Yisgav, Green and pleasant., Located in the garden, playground facilities and a water fountain.

Raoul Wallenberg garden – along the road between Deborah Jordan guard, A lovely Grove, Manicured grass surfaces, Seats, Located in the garden, playground facilities and a water fountain.

Educational institutions


High school students come from neighborhoods..

14 urban – shikun Dan

Sapphire 8, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6470970, 6486013

Middle school-grades 7-8.

Location: Kiryat Atidim, Raoul Wallenberg Street 28, Level soldier, Tel: 6470020.

The students come from neighborhoods: shikun Dan, Level soldier, Yisgav, Gardens rejoicing, Ramot tzahala, Jubilation and nurseries..

– 9th grade – 12th; The students come from neighborhoods..

Amal, Lady Davis – in urban , Neot afeka a.

Bene Ephraim 226, Neot afeka, Tel: 6476160

Middle school-grades 7-9; The students come from neighborhoods: Neot afeka a., Neot afeka b, Ma'oz Aviv, Hadar Yosef, Tel-Baruch North, South Tel Baruch.

High school-grades 10-12; The students come from neighborhoods..

(Continued) – grades 13 – 14.

Public elementary schools

For primary schools the students come from neighborhoods: Neot afeka a., Neot afeka b, Ma'oz Aviv, Tel-Baruch North, Tel-Baruch North nursery.

Yisgav – the gallows. 7, Yisgav, Dew. 6478459, 6472162

Ramat hachayal business district – ק"ם 65, Dew. 6476316, 6474384


NetA – bertonov 3, Revivim, Tel: 6473813

Dagan – bertonov 3, Revivim, Tel: 6474496

Chestnuts – Ashkenazi 32, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6471430

Etrog – Ashkenazi 32, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6471556

Mango – Ashkenazi 32, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6487947

Cherry Blossom-eskenazi 32, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6482517

Online-kindergarten in special education – namirovr 25, Yisgav, Tel: 6481756


Afeka, College of engineering in Tel Aviv – Bnei Ephraim 218, Neot afeka a., Tel: 7688600, 1-800-37-37-10

Culture, Sport, Community and leisure:

* Eshkol Pais, 14-Street city country produce 11 (Entrance from Sapphire 8), Shikun Dan, Tel: 6470970, 6291097, Fax: 6480244.

Eshkol Pais Center for Sciences and arts, Urban high 14 – this is a lively community center where many activities take place from limodimensim, Dance and movement studies, Martial arts, Yoga and more.

Sports facilities around the yisgav level:

* Public fitness facilities: first definitely! Public fitness facilities available to the public and free – is located on Raoul Wallenberg garden – the Jordan Street. The woods are lovely., Manicured grass surfaces, Seats, Playground facilities and a water fountain. The result is impressive: urban gyms outdoors and open to all demands. Colorful handsets and available, Similar amusement facilities and friendly staff than fitness fearsome monsters. All fixes are instructions and explanation of muscles it runs. The devices are placed and easily accessible as part of walking or running track., Or as part of the amusement park entertainment.

*A basketball court is located in the gallows., Level soldier, Next to kimchi.

*A basketball court is located in the Centre of well-tended peace cluster for science and arts, Urban high school 14, Tvuot Haaretz 11, (Sapir Street 8), Shikun Dan.

* Youth movement Scout Dan – Jordan Guard (in front of House. 75) Shikun Dan, Tel: 054-2440907


Yitzhak Ashkenazi petition, יהונתן17 a., rejoicing

Ramat hachayal business district – Spanish, Raoul Wallenberg 10, Futures, Level soldier

Keynote – Spanish, Cyprus 18 Tel Baruch: 6473086

Community services and health services:

A drop of milk – LAMDAN 20, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6483236, 6488897

A drop of milk – Philadelphia 6, Neve Sharett, Tel: 6470817, 6472336

Borough Manager: (Northeast quarter)

House kimchi – the gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6472411, District Manager fax coordinates voluntary activities in, Responsible for the management of the waste disposal grounds in the Northern neighborhoods.

The e-citizen advisory service – the gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6476620, Fax: 6478031. The service helps and intermediary between the citizens and the authorities., In an attempt to shorten bureaucratic procedures, While maintaining confidentiality and free. You can get advice from experts on labor law, Law, Social security and more..

At kimchi, Works of her support group chat, In these meetings the opportunity afforded to pregnant women and to call to receive important information and vital issues related to breastfeeding.

Office of advising on marriage and family:

Neighborhoods across the river, Tel Aviv – Eldad HA-Dani 14, Shikun Dan, Tel: 7666222. Services provided: training, Consulting, Couples therapy, My family and my team., In issues related to family life., To health, The aashrtam and the existence of constructive communication.


Clalit health services: – Horowitz, The hand moves 22, Hadar Yosef, Tel: 7662111

Clalit health services: – Keren kayemet Blvd. 134, Tel Baruch, Tel: 6482203

Maccabi healthcare services: – the community of Thessaloniki 9, Neot afeka Abraham Tal: 6499978

National health: – Golan 95, Ramat hachayal business district: 6481457


' Super-Pharm "shikun Dan-Dan top commercial center, Pinchas Rosen 72, Shikun Dan: 6440114

Pharmacy "concept – on 3, Neot afeka b: 6490086

New farm – Aaron Becker 8, A focused Center, Tel-Baruch North, Tel: 6478927

Police., Community policing and civil guard:

Police station – Raoul Wallenberg 10, Futures, Level soldier, Tel: 7697444

Ramat hachayal business district – Ramot Naftali 13, Ramat hachayal business district: 6481380

Afeka – Abner, Selig 10 Tel: 6427610, Operating Center: 6428025

Israel e-mail:

Ma'oz Aviv – Bnei Ephraim 209, Tel: 6490200 Fax. 6473268

Hadar Yosef – Bob community 24, Tel: 6477839 Fax. 6490100

Public transport:

Bus routes- 6, 20