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Background on the neighborhood:

The neighbourhood nursery Is a residential area built in the 1990s as North of North Eastern neighborhoods beyond the Yarkon River. The carefully crafted Conservatory as a concept by Architect Yaacov yaar, Who won with his wife ADA Karmi melamede Israel Prize for architecture, In 2007.

The plan was approved in 1993 And upscale neighborhood about 266.5 Hectares underway.. Most of the land owned by the Israel Lands Administration and Tel Aviv Municipality. 1200 Residential units were built in the first phase. . Companies that won tenders are: Africa Israel, Dankner, Malibu, That Raviv, Misgav and OASIS

Geographical location of the plant:

North and West – Moshe Sneh Street to the village green.. East – And the jubilation of jubilation. South – Ganei tzahala. West –Kiryat Shaul. The geographic location of the various neighborhood: proximity to ports Ayalon North & South, Tel Aviv application and will, The proximity to Ramat HaSharon and privileged junction and its surroundings in the East..

Neighborhood description:

The neighborhood is built in the shape of small bays with peripheral benefit garage construction in the neighborhood Center at six, seven floors and on the edge of the lower buildings and neighborhood area of private houses.

The apartments and address the specific needs of population quality. Apartments with private garden, דירות גג, פנטהאוזים, Duplexes and townhouses. Underground garages and sun terraces are an integral part of the standards in the neighborhood.. Some projects there are swimming pools, Games room for children, Gyms, and hits save 24/7

450 Recently began constructing a framework for expanding to the Northeast. In this area should be built as units. The companies won the tender are: GUINDY, Africa Israel and

The neighborhood was built near the aqueduct, In the municipal Conservatory which previously provided saplings and undergrowth to Tel Aviv Municipality , Hence the name.. The neighborhood is located on the highest point of the city of Tel Aviv. Due to its high with many Windows and balconies in the neighborhood of South Tel Aviv, The sea in the West and the East

Street names The distinctive nurseries, Named after credits, writers, poets and composers: Max Brod who was a friend and analyzes the writings of Franz Kafka., Yaakov Shabtai, Levin kipnis, David Avidan, Mordechai Zeira, Moshe Wilensky, Jaz, Sasha Argov, Ellie realizes and more

The commercial center Facing the main boulevard paved Street and David Avidan and shops are located for the convenience of residents: veterinarian, a mini-market, shop vegetables for gourmets, Fine foods, Barber, Animal products store + Tell dogs, store selling and repairing computers., Tourist company "sky" And a charming Café H.Suitable for meetings and intimate conversations.

It is located at the bottom of the commercial center dental clinic, Clinics and doctors from plastic children's General sherutei briut klalit, And Federated Department

In the main square by the Boulevard, Is a large expansion with benches, Fountain and children benefit from the ability to play without fear of vehicles

In October 2012 High voltage line was severed in the neighborhood and in April 2013 Downloaded the high voltage poles, too. .

Public parks:

The neighborhood is very well maintained. Public parks are green and she kisses to jubilation and Gane tzahala.

At the entrance to the neighborhood from Max Brod, There is a well-kept green grass area, Trees and vegetation, With games for preschoolers. The garden is suitable for leisure entertainment, Even big-name birthday parties and events.

Garden pools -Is a large garden with facilities for all ages hdishimamtaimim, Bicycle trails, Children's climbers and shaded areas. The garden is located at the top of the neighborhood., Above the main avenue, Baby of two pools of storage space and large garden. In the garden from terrace to terrace. On the benches and terraces to enjoy the view and fresh air. The garden is suitable for recreation and games for the whole family.. In the garden perimeter basketball court nearby and a shaded area equipped with various fitness facilities for the welfare of the inhabitants..

Housing estate "jubilation":

Sheltered home located in the prestigious neighborhood and integrates well with environmental landscape. Quality and decorated apartments, Located in elegant luxury building, Surrounded by a landscaped green surroundings. Zahala mansion residents are active partners in the cultural events of the neighborhood and the school.

Sasha Argov Street 18 . Phone 03-6808000

Educational institutions :

A Wichita, Kansas:

Kipnis Street 6 – Phone: 6443891

Municipal kindergartens:

Garden Grove (archaeologist) Moshe Wilensky 8 – Phone 6911950

Mitcham 3 The Conservatory Gardens: Sasha Argov 43

Oak-Garden (קע"ב)- Sun City 77 Gane tzahala phone: 6444461

Siglon Garden (קע"א) Sun City 77 Gane tzahala – phone: 6474144

Mitcham 3 Gardens Avoca Street 1 , Gardens rejoicing

"Nursery school":

The school opened in September 2012 And growing school. The school is located in the northern part of the neighborhood. . At school. 5 Classes-1- Wednesday and learn it. 142 Students and residents and students around her.. The school staff including: educators, Professional educators, Administrative staff and treatments.
Name of school- "The nursery"- He was elected in a democratic election process in collaboration with the children's community school, The educational staff and parents.
The school was built "green" construction and the first year is part of the urban programme ICT.
The school runs courses Center reception..

Sasha Argov Street 43 Phone: 03-7710534 Fax: 03-7710538

Schools :

Lady Davis – worked in urban , A proper Afeka

In this junior high school and high school.

Bene Ephraim 226, Neot afeka, Tel: 6476160

14 urban – shikun Dan

In junior high school and high school.

Sapphire 8, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6470970, 6486013.

Restaurants near the neighborhood:

The restaurant 206 – A Steakhouse and fish are among the oldest in the country., Lies at the entrance to the neighborhood and is for many years a meeting place for politicians., Athletes, Businessmen., Company officials and entertainment.

Moshe Sneh Street 54- Phone: 6499466, Fax: 6482617

Beijing — The restaurant was established before 22 Years and specializes in Asian cuisine, Seafood, Noodles., And a wide variety of sushi.

Street Moshe Sneh 54- Phone: 6490737

The hopeful stakes- Oriental restaurant with a rich and varied menu, amazing garden and parking. Moshe Sneh Street 199 (Paz gas station)Phone: 6447575

Culture, Sport, Community and leisure

Community Center: tzahala

The Center Theatre school, Music school and rock ensembles, School of dance, Judo team., Calolon

Playtime for preschoolers, And more. During the school holidays and summer camps are held in community gardens

Abner Street 1, rejoicing, Tel: 6474185, 6485244 Fax: 6477943

The Center also operates municipal library – Phone: 6470026

Country jubilation:

The country operated under a cooperative of jubilation. It is managed and operated independently of country members. The nursery and the area residents can receive as members for a fee, Some of the nurseries were part of the acquisition of the building gives a discount when purchasing a subscription. At the swimming pool, Kiddie pool, Gym, Tennis, basketball and dorglochn many departments for adults and children..

Youth movement:

Mounted Scout – Avner 7, Zahala Tel: 054-2440917


Yitzhak petition Ashkenazim, Jonathan 17 A., rejoicing

Ramat hachayal business district – Spanish, Wallenberg 10, Futures, Level soldier

Community services and health services.

A drop of milk – Philadelphia 6, Neve SharettPhone: 6470817, 6472336

Yitzhak LAMDAN 20 , Neot afeka b – phone: 6483236

KmAnd vulva Hospital:

Clalit health services – Nursery – heart clinic pediatrician Dr. Menuhin (telephone 6442090)

Heart clinic – family doctor Conservatory Dr. Wheeler (telephone 6442090)

Maccabi/United/Info- Neighborhood commercial Center nursery- Family physician Dr. Sapir (* 3555)

Community Center-the nursery a newborns and Preemies Dr. Berger (* 3555)

Sasha Argov Street 13

Clalit health services:- Horowitz clinic, The hand moves 22, Hadar Yosef- Tel: 7662111

Clalit health services:- Keren kayemet Blvd. 134, Tel Baruch- Phone: 6482203

Maccabi healthcare services: – Community of Thessaloniki 9, Neot afeka 1 – phone: 6499978

National: health- The Golan Heights 95, Ramat hachayal business district: 6481457


Pharmacy ' concept ' LEA 3, Neot afeka b – phone: 6490086

' Super-Pharm "shikun Dan – Pinchas Rosen commercial 72מרכז Top Dan. – Phone: 6440114

' Special ' Aaron Becker 8, A focused Center Tel-Baruch North- Phone: 6478927

District Manager:(Northeast quarter)

House kimchi – The gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6472411. District Manager Coordinator voluntary activities in, Responsible for the management of the waste disposal grounds in the Northern neighborhoods.

The e-citizen Advisory Service – The gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6476620, Fax: 6478031. The service helps and intermediary between the citizens and the authorities., In an attempt to shorten bureaucratic procedures, While maintaining confidentiality and free. You can get advice from experts on labor law, Law, Social security and more..

At kimchi, Works The support group of her cello, In these meetings the opportunity afforded to pregnant women and to call to receive important information and vital issues related to breastfeeding.

Police., Community policing and civil guard:

Police station – Raoul Wallenberg 10, Atidim Ramat hahayal- Tel: 7697444

rejoicing – The IDF 71- Phone: 6446257

Israel e-mail:

Jubilation – Jonathan 4, Phone: 6494039

Tel Baruch North – ' Focused ' Chin., Aaron Becker 8- Phone: 6440196, 052-5517022

Public transport:

Bus routes- 24, 47, 48, 49, 531, 524 , 572

Pipeline properties specializes in apartments for sale in nurseries.