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Background on the neighborhood:

The Neot afeka b here is a residential area in the Centre of the Northern neighborhoods across the Yarkon River. 1,686 Residential units are located in the neighborhood., Most units built under construction in old and new buildings and small class townhouses in Chelsea. The neighborhood was built in stages; The first machine built in the 1950s, In the early 1960s four-storey houses were built by the company of "shikun ovdim", And in the 1970s and 1980s built the houses in the neighborhood., Benny 7-8 Individual parking places listed in taboo. Since the mid-1990s and by 2002 Flower Hill constructed and is part of Neot afeka b, Where are modern apartments with balconies. Land area: 339 Acres.

The unique street names in Neot afeka: – the poet Leah Goldberg. Street Alterman, The poet Natan Alterman, In the past, the city called the Dove Street several songs written by Alterman in 1957. And Yitzhak LAMDAN, Lonskyoubigdor Avraham hameiri read poets ' names.

The commercial center and outdoor activities including the neighborhood convenience stores: a supermarket., Bank Hapoalim branch ', Joe coffee shop, Cedar bread – fresh breads and Café, Neighborhood hummusia "money" and "Sabra" — real estate brokerage Office.

Neighborhood Café – coffee Joe, Project corner on street – this is a vibrant meeting spot downtown aesthetic, The captures old young, Slbertas and residents who love the rural areas of the city..

Quiet neighborhood with manicured parks and rural atmosphere in the heart of the city. This is the charm of the neighborhood..

Public parks in the neighbourhood:

Central garden – garden Weitz, Located in the center of the neighborhood., Full street 11 Baby green areas, Playground facilities and suitable spaces for different activities active fashion and order now. The municipality has the right to say and the Weitz Fund, Always manicured garden, Polished renewable.

Another small garden, On Alterman, Hidden from view, Known primarily for the neighborhood, Spreads between Yitzhak LAMDAN 15 To block Alterman baby tall trees, Greenery and games for kids.

The flower garden is located in the center of the flowers., Her name being known in prihotia when she was wild Hill. The flowers look the beachfront apartment in Neot afeka circle; The garden landscaped meadows, Greenery, Punta trails and playground facilities suitable for different ages.

Romema Street 36, The high street in the neighborhood., Next to the elephant., Is a garden with children's play facilities.

Geographic location of Neot afe'ka bet:

North and West – sons of St. Ephrem. South Street Avraham shlonsky, East – Pinchas Rosen St. and Moshe Sneh. Its convenient geographic neighborhood added to its attributes; Especially proximity to Ayalon North and South ports, Application to Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, For futures, And in a straight line to the East, Ramat-Gan, And Northeast – the elephant she coordinates toward Ramat HaSharon, An authorized node and its surroundings.

Educational institutions


High school students come from neighborhoods..

Amal, Lady Davis – in urban , Neot afeka a.

Bene Ephraim 226, Neot afeka, Tel: 6476160

Middle school-grades 7-9; The students come from neighborhoods: Neot afeka a., Neot afeka b, Ma'oz Aviv, Hadar Yosef, Tel-Baruch North, South Tel Baruch.

High school-grades 10-12; The students come from neighborhoods..

(Continued) – grades 13 – 14.

14 urban – shikun Dan

Sapphire 8, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6470970, 6486013

– 9th grade – 12th; The students come from neighborhoods..

Public elementary schools

For primary schools the students come from neighborhoods: Neot afeka a., Neot afeka b, Ma'oz Aviv, Tel-Baruch North, Tel-Baruch North nursery.

Alharizi – desktop oron 17 Tel Baruch, Dew. 6479992

Shield – kadesh 4 Ma'oz Aviv, Tel: 6479130, 6471904Preserve


Na'amat – gene Madden. 16, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6487799

Plum Garden – LAMDAN 18, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6494522

Hardin converted – LAMDAN 7, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6471432

Gan Trish – LAMDAN 7, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6472957

Almond garden – gliksberg 17, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6485248

Almond garden – gliksberg 17, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6471911


Afeka, College of engineering in Tel Aviv – Bnei Ephraim 218, Neot afeka a., Tel: 7688600, 1-800-37-37-10

Civic Center – Sport Center Hadar-afeka – community of Kiev 3 (Near the Lady Davis), Tel: 6445827. The Center is managed by Frankfurt School. Residents of Neot afeka and invited many groups. Innovative and Hall, Featuring parquet floors, Electric baskets, Activity rooms and spacious wardrobes. These are the children of Lady Davis, Residents groups without a guide and activity groups League of sports associations. The activities in many sports: basketball, Volleyball, Martial arts and more. Gymnastics: issue from pre-school to senior health, Gymnastics and, Rhythmic gymnastics and more. In addition there is activity of sports associations – to encourage professional sport..

* Computer Center (a branch of Frankfurt): 6478556, Modern computer center. Where are 22 Computer and Internet stations, Scanner and printers, To comfort the crowd.. The family contribution was Levinger from Los Angeles..

* A Jewish home in Serbia – the management of the Association, Bene Ephraim 228, Neot afeka a., Tel: 6470111, 6473913. At home in Serbia are different circles., Lectures, And happy Hall.

A Great group fitness Shape, (At home in Serbia) son Ephraim 228, Neot afeka a., Tel: 6472093.

* H – President – Scout rephidim, Corner of kadesh, Tel Baruch: 054-2449907


Keynote – Spanish, Cyprus 18 Tel Baruch: 6473086

ETZ Chaim-Brown, Bene Ephraim 202, Hadar Yosef

Holy memory – Ashkenazim, Bene Ephraim 204, Hadar Yosef

Yitzhak Ashkenazi petition, Nathan יהו17 17 A., rejoicing

Borough Manager: (Northeast quarter)

House kimchi – the gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6472411. Borough Manager volunteer operations coordinator in, Responsible for the management of the waste disposal grounds in the Northern neighborhoods.

The e-citizen advisory service – the gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6476620, Fax: 6478031. The service helps and intermediary between the citizens and the authorities., In an attempt to shorten bureaucratic procedures, While maintaining confidentiality and free. You can get advice from experts on labor law, Law, Social security and more..

At kimchi, Works of her support group chat, In these meetings the opportunity afforded to pregnant women and to call to receive important information and vital issues related to breastfeeding.

Office of advising on marriage and family:

Neighborhoods across the river, Tel Aviv – Eldad HA-Dani 14, Shikun Dan, Tel: 7666222. Services provided: training, Consulting, Couples therapy, Family and group in issues related to family life., To health, The aashrtam and the existence of constructive communication.


A drop of milk – LAMDAN 20, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6483236, 6488897.

Clalit health services: – Horowitz, The hand moves 22, Hadar Yosef, Tel: 7662111

Clalit health services: – Keren kayemet Blvd. 134, Tel Baruch, Tel: 6482203

Maccabi healthcare services: – the community of Thessaloniki 9, Neot afeka Abraham Tal: 6499978


Pharmacy "concept – on 3, Neot afeka b: 6490086

' Super-Pharm "shikun Dan-Dan top commercial center, Pinchas Rosen 72, Shikun Dan: 6440114

New farm – Aaron Becker 8, A focused Center, Tel-Baruch North, Tel: 6478927

Police., Community policing and civil guard:

Afeka – Abner, Selig 10 Tel: 6427610, Operating Center: 6428025

Neot afeka – LAMDAN 20 Tel: 6493109

Police station – Raoul Wallenberg 10, Futures, Level soldier, Tel: 7697444

Israel e-mail:

Tel Baruch North – Centre ' focused ', Aaron Becker 8, Tel: 6440196, 052-5517022

Ma'oz Aviv – Bnei Ephraim 209, Tel: 6490200 Fax. 6473268

Hadar Yosef – Bob community 24, Tel: 6477839 Fax. 6490100

Public transport:

Buses – of Ephraim: 49,127,47,48,247,230,521,570,572,575,121,220

About shlonsky: 89, 24

(Bus lines extended environment) 42, 40, 20, 3, 6

Israel: Tel Aviv University train station in Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre on rokach Street