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Neve Gan

Posted by admin on 11/11/2015
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Ramat HaSharon where is Neve Gan was Tel Aviv Israel District established in 1923. The city borders on the North Sea, In Hof Hasharon Regional Council, In South Tel Aviv, HoD Hasharon East and South-East of Petah Tikva. It was declared a local Council in 1949 And as a city in 2002.

To highlight non-urban character prevented Ramat Hasharon for years to change the legal status of the city and preferred to stay on the status of local Council ("colony inhabitants) and farmland edge used for growing vegetables.

According to the Central Bureau of statistics as of September 2009, In Ramat HaSharon, Israel 39,400 Residents and the population grew by an annual growth rate of 3.1%.. Socioeconomic status of the population is high compared to the national average.

At the southern end of the neighborhood is her gift. Garden oasis, Which is an enclave between Kiryat Shaul cemetery And the neighborhood Tel Baruch North, Two areas that are in the jurisdiction of Tel Aviv.

This neighborhood was an independent colony called Kiryat Shaul. It was established in-1922, And was incorporated into the Ramat HaSharon in the early 1950s. In the first decade of the 21st century began to change her face., With approving plans to build high-rise apartment buildings in place of private homes land, And occupancy starting-2005. The neighborhood cut off from Ramat HaSharon proposals, And separated from her inKiryat Shaul cemetery And fields. In the past, was too remote from Tel Aviv, But with the expansion of Neighborhoods across the river, And in particular with the creation of the Tel Baruch North, Have territorial contiguity between the neighborhood and the Northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.

The evolving neighborhood with side by side, High-rise (apartments, דירות גן, Duplexes, Penthouses, etc) and townhousesQuality Enjoy a continuous stream of air from the West., Integrity., Playgrounds for children and adults (public fitness facilities). The modern infrastructure, In the same Tel Baruch North, Are underground and space planning between various buildings is among the best in the North..

Until today were built in the neighborhood is approx. 800 Households of various types that will be during the next few years but retain Quality character As the neighborhood.. The neighborhood is characterized by a qualitative and professionals mainly.

The commercial center of the focused Center – Also serves as the new neighborhood is Aaron Becker Street 8, Tel: 6446113, This is the small landscaped neighborhood, Three trade levels, Office floor and garage. It is located near a park and children's playground. Businesses in downtown itself to satisfy residents such as supermarket, Bank, New Pharm, Gym ' fitness ', Aroma, CafeCafe, Macdonald, Steimatzky and more services.

The neighborhood cafes:

Aroma coffee, Café Café Goliath and everybody without exception coffee, Quality food and relaxed and pleasant OIA.

Public parks in the neighbourhood:

The ropes – garden A landscaped garden and is located on the Western side of the neighborhood (start fields), Arranged paths, Basketball court / Foot, And a variety of climbing and ropes standards play. The garden landscaped lawn areas that allow easy too worthy for the Sun.

Garden oasis garden – "Health Garden" located between the flowers and gardens with a number of public sports facilities for older residents and seniors less.. Zeno continued the trend of רמה"ש municipality and other municipalities to improve awareness of the healthy living and sport. In addition, During the summer, every two weeks, the Town Hall performances for children.

Beyond that., Can the residents of all the gardens are located in Tel Baruch North (min. walk).

The geographical location of Neve Gan:

South -Tel Baruch North, East – Moshe Sneh St. and Kiryat Shaul North – Citizens of רמה"ש West – Ayalon North..

The neighborhood an excellent geographical location that allows easy access to many directions. In the future, expanded access to and from neighborhood.

רמה"ש municipality


Educational institutions

The education system meets the top priority of the city of Ramat-HaSharon. Resources invested in cultivating a thinking Ministers, Learning and knowledge worlds different from pre-school, Alongside the core program of the Ministry of education, While the development and upgrading of buildings and courtyards..

High schools:

In Ramat HaSharon, two junior high schools (7-9): "Youth" and "Kalman"

At the level of- The two skill.- High school: "Rothberg" ("Youth"), "Oak" ("Kalman")

Elementary schools:

Today there is a neighborhood grade temporary prefab structure to apply the school should open in the school year

Next (Sep 2011). However, רמה"ש municipality provides all the required educational services within the city..

Some residents enjoy school. Naomi Shemer- Who is Aaron Becker 10, Tel-Baruch North, Dew. 6482862


In the past six years we have witnessed an increase in the number of children who are registered to.. Today, The early childhood education including 46 (State 42, 2 Religious, 2 Special education).

Strawberry garden – Flower Street 4, Tel: 6496028 (Preschool and mandatory)

Raspberry garden – Flower Street 4, Tel: 6496029 (Pre-pre and preschool)

Cherry garden – Flower Street 16 (Pre-pre and preschool)

These days opens another tutorial classes for all ages.


-Main Spanish., Cyprus 18 Tel Baruch: 6473086

ETZ chayim – Yemenite, Bene Ephraim 202, Hadar Yosef

Saints – Memorial Ashkenazi, Bene Ephraim 204, Hadar Yosef

Yitzhak petition Ashkenazi, Jonathan 17 A., rejoicing.

Also supposed to build a dedicated synagogue in the near future..

Community services and health services.

A drop of milk.
– Madden. 20, Neot afeka b, 6483236, 6488897 And level:

Station name


Is the responsibility


Eternity 3

Kupat Holim Maccabi


Moriya 31 Ramat HaSharon

Clalit health


Hillel House 6, Ramat HaSharon

Clalit health

Ramat HaSharon

Trumpeldor 5

Leumit Health Fund


Clalit health services:- Horowitz, The hand moves 22, Hadar Yosef, Tel: 7662111

Clalit health services:- Keren kayemet Blvd. 134, Tel Baruch, Tel: 6482203

Maccabi healthcare services: – Community of Thessaloniki 9, Neot afeka Abraham Tal: 6499978

General sherutei briut klalit-Moriah branch level 5492157-8-9 -03

Maccabi sherutei briut klalit- The street-level conductor 5402436 -03

Unified level sherutei briut klalit 5481515 -03

National level sherutei briut klalit 5407060-1 -03


' Special ' Aaron Becker 8, A focused Center, Tel-Baruch North, Tel: 6478927

Pharmacy ' concept ' LEA 3, Neot afeka b: 6490086

' Super-Pharm "shikun Dan – Commercial center Top Dan., Pinchas Rosen 72, Shikun Dan: 6440114

A police station

Trumpeldor 11, 5488444 -03

Glilot police 09-9704444

Israel post

Ramat HaSharon
The first way 88, Tel: 03-5403480, 03-5403478

Tel-Baruch North – ' Focused ' Chin., Aaron Becker 8, Tel: 6440196, 052-5517022

Hadar Yosef – Bob community 24, Tel: 6477839 Fax. 6490100

Ma'oz Aviv Bene Ephraim 209, Tel: 6490200 Fax. 6473268

Public transport

Bus routes-
, 531, 57249, 48, 47, 40, 24

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