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Background on the neighborhood:

The jubilation Established in 1952 And was destined for the military and the security service established together a cooperative – "jubilation" Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. Approximately 600 neighborhood houses, The rural neighborhood character, With low detached building. rejoicing, Located in Northeast Tel Aviv, On the border of Ramat HaSharon. Land area: 501 Acres. An area of land designated for residential use: 300 Acres.

Jubilation was one of the first neighborhoods in the Northeast area of Tel Aviv., With its establishment was considered a distant town.. It was built as a neighborhood surrounded by a fence., Similar to remote communities. That's why its akltoni structure – all leading back to streetsIDF Street – Main street., Both ends are designed to be the neighborhood..

With the growth of the city of Tel Aviv and improvement of transport, The isolated location and size of parcels became benefits; The neighborhood today, upscale neighborhood., Requested by elites. Its population is comprised by the old residents, Some of the first IDF and heirs of the first beach volleyball, Affluent people., When some senior household.

Many of the top IDF and the security forces in jubilation., When former President Chaim Herzog and Weizman, Former Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon., Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan, Chief of staff Dan Halutz and many others.. Also create Shlomo Artzi and Aviv Geffen on famous residents have included.

The neighborhood is organized as a cooperative. Residents pay taxes to Association Member, And choose the Association Committee. The management is entrusted to the Senior Manager. Activities to the association includes neighborhood representation in front of Tel Aviv City Hall and District Manager; Coordination and assistance to the public bodies operating in the neighborhood., As an elementary school "jubilation", Tribe mounted Scouts, The synagogue, "The youth house", The Community Center and more.. Neighborhood commercial center belongs to and is managed by, Sports Centre "waves of jubilation" belongs in common to residents Association.

Jubilation here are country-style neighborhood., Quiet and well maintained. Public parks and green areas characterize the neighborhood.. In its surroundings Sports facilitiesMany different sporting activities.

Street names In the jubilation carefully, According to warlords and names תנכ"ים: Heroes Jonathan, Opens, Lightning, Ehud, Shamgar, Avner, Yoav, Benayahu, Etc. Warlords Street shows especially in the neighborhood., IDF Street is the main street., Represents the first inhabitants who served in the army and security systems. Individual streets where women תנכ"יות: open, Chen. Loved the reflected in names of streets that were country-Israeli plants names: Chase, Ranunculus, Anagallis, Senecio, Amnon and Tamar, Praire Blvd.

Shopping Center: In the commercial center of jubilation are the neighborhood convenience stores: a neighborhood supermarket., Bank otsar HA-hayal "', Post Office, Vegetable shop, Barber, Shop for stationery and games, The hardware store and a neighborhood Café.

A neighborhood Café ' Matilda ' IDF Street 71, Tel: 6448474. This café you can combine the private and public; There are a few tables outside the commercial center, Used a meeting in a rural atmosphere and. Residents and guests enjoy to sit and watch and on the street..

Restaurants at the entrance of jubilation:

The restaurant 206 – Moshe Sneh 54, Tel: 6499466, Fax: 6482617, This is a Steakhouse is among the oldest in the country., Lies at the entrance to jubilation, And for many years a meeting place for athletes, Businessmen., Company officials and entertainment.

Beijing — Moshe Sneh 54, Tel: 6490737, The restaurant was established before 22 Years and specializes in Asian cuisine, Seafood, Noodles., And a wide variety of sushi.

Public parks in the neighbourhood:

Wittenberg – garden Located between Wittenberg – Avoca – IDF, At the entrance to jubilation, In Ganei tzahala. In the garden trees and landscaped greenery and games for kids. The garden is suitable for leisure entertainment, And parties and events in the neighborhood..

Eucalyptus vapor and winding up the Hill on the street bnihao to Deborah – This is a well-kept Green, Hidden from view, Winds at the top of the Hill between benayahu Horseshoe Street, And down to the street and Deborah ins Dakar outskirts Street in Neve Sharet.

Geographic location of jubilation:

South – Deborah Street. East -Horseshoe road and Neve Sharet. West – Warlords Street, And the larger the perimeter ring – Moshe Sneh Street. North -Ramat HaSharon, AgainNortheast – Nursery.

The geographic location of the various neighborhood as quiet and rural; Proximity to ports Ayalon North & South, Tel Aviv application and will.In the North – Proximity to Ramat HaSharon And in the East., And around junction.

Educational institutions


High school students come from neighborhoods..

14 urban – shikun Dan

Sapphire 8, Shikun Dan, Tel: 6470970, 6486013

Middle school-grades 7-8.

Location: Kiryat Atidim, Raoul Wallenberg Street 28, Level soldier, Tel: 6470020.

The students come from neighborhoods: shikun Dan, Level soldier, Yisgav, rejoicing, Gardens rejoicing, Ramot tzahala and nurseries..

– 9th grade – 12th; The students come from neighborhoods..

Amal, Lady Davis – in urban , Neot afeka a.

Bene Ephraim 226, Neot afeka, Tel: 6476160

Middle school-grades 7-9; The students come from neighborhoods: Neot afeka a., Neot afeka b, Ma'oz Aviv, Hadar Yosef, Tel-Baruch North, South Tel Baruch, rejoicing, Gardens rejoicing, Ramot tzahala and nurseries..

High school-grades 10-12; The students come from neighborhoods..

(Continued) – grades 13 – 14.

Public elementary schools

For primary schools the students come from neighborhoods: Neot afeka a., Neot afeka b, Ma'oz Aviv, Tel-Baruch North, South Tel Baruch, Jubilation and nurseries..

Jubilation – Asael 3 rejoicing, Dew. 6472593, 6482353

Alharizi – Oron Tower 17 Tel Baruch, Dew. 6479992

Namishmer – Aaron Becker 10 Tel-Baruch North, Dew. 6482862

Special schools

Leon – The IDF 16, Ramot tzahala. Tel: 6471457, 6492088


Dream – Introduction groupie 8, Ramot tzahala. Tel: 6494046

Magic – Introduction groupie 8, Ramot tzahala. Tel: 6445632

Garden – oak Sun City 77, Gardens rejoicing, Tel: 6444461

Siglon – garden Sun City 77, Gardens rejoicing, Tel: 6474144

Culture, Sport, Community and leisure:

* Community Center ' tzahala ' – Avner 1, rejoicing, Tel: 6474185, 6485244 Fax: 6477943

The Community Center of jubilation on a cooperative framework of jubilation; It is managed and operated independently. When country folks..The nursery and the area residents can receive as members for a fee. Community Centre starts Theatre school, Music school and rock ensembles, School of dance, Judo team., Calolon – Playtime for preschoolers, And more.

* ' Waves of jubilation the Sports Center: A swimming pool, Tennis and basketball courts.

* Municipal library – (At jubilation) Abner 1, rejoicing, Tel: 6470026

* Grpotec music library -(Community Centre jubilation) Abner 1, rejoicing, Tel: 6470026

* Sports facilities around Gane tzahala and jubilation — A basketball and a soccer field and a landscaped fenced.

* Mounted Scout youth movement – Avner 7, Zahala Tel: 054-2440917


Yitzhak petition Ashkenazim, יהונתן17 a., rejoicing

Ramat hachayal business district – Spanish, Raoul Wallenberg 10, Futures, Level soldier

Community services and health services:

A drop of milk – Philadelphia 6, Neve Sharett, Tel: 6470817, 6472336

A drop of milk. – Madden. 20, Neot afeka b, Tel: 6483236, 6488897

District Manager: Northeast District

House kimchi – The gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6472411. District Manager Coordinator voluntary activities in, Responsible for the management of the waste disposal grounds in the Northern neighborhoods.

The e-citizen Advisory Service – The gallows. 50, Level soldier, Tel: 6476620, Fax: 6478031. The service helps and intermediary between the citizens and the authorities., In an attempt to shorten bureaucratic procedures, While maintaining confidentiality and free. You can get advice from experts on labor law, Law, Social security and more..

At kimchi, Works The support group of her cello, In these meetings the opportunity afforded to pregnant women and to call to receive important information and vital issues related to breastfeeding.

Office of advising on marriage and family:
Neighborhoods across the river, Tel Aviv – Eldad II 14, Shikun Dan, Tel: 7666222.
Services provided: training, Consulting, Family and group counseling, In issues related to family life., To health, The aashrtam and the existence of constructive communication.


Clalit health services:- Horowitz, The hand moves 22, Hadar Yosef, Tel: 7662111

Clalit health services:- Keren kayemet Blvd. 134, Tel Baruch, Tel: 6482203

Maccabi healthcare services: – Community of Thessaloniki 9, Neot afeka Abraham Tal: 6499978

National: health- The Golan Heights 95, Ramat hachayal business district: 6481457


' Super-Pharm "shikun Dan – Commercial center Top Dan., Pinchas Rosen 72, Shikun Dan: 6440114

Pharmacy ' concept ' LEA 3, Neot afeka b: 6490086

' Special ' Aaron Becker 8, A focused Center, Tel-Baruch North, Tel: 6478927

Police., Community policing and civil guard:

Police station – Raoul Wallenberg 10, Futures, Level soldier, Tel: 7697444

rejoicing – The IDF 71, Tel: 6446257

Afeka- Abner House, Selig 10 Tel: 6427610, Operating Center: 6428025

Israel e-mail:

Jubilation – Jonathan 4, Tel: 6494039

Public transport:

Bus routes- 24, 47, 48, 49, 531, 524 , 572