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As regards article + Conclusions about the real estate market – ....

As regards article 24.4.2017 – My conclusions at the end of the article.. Curator: reduction of 9% Buying apartments in February compared to the previous month.. This is just a low monthly deals since August. 2015; In the news it is a sharper decrease – only 1,900 Apartments sold – a decrease of 33% Compared to the same month last year in February of this year, a decrease of 9% In purchasing apartments compared to the month before., According to a review.

April 2017- What price to calculate price per apartment

How to calculate area (m2) apartment for sale / Kenya April 2017 In recent years, prices were / In stories from the press, Radio, Tv and real news sites – calculation according to m. In North Tel Aviv apartments sold by calculation of 40-50 $1,000 per cubic meter . In the north eastern suburbs of Tel Aviv, and particularly in the neighborhood where I — Neot afeka b , Sales are made.